drunk guy passed out on motorcycle

Drinking and Motorcycles Fail in the Making – Compilation Videos

We all know very well that alcohol impairs your judgement (just see look at the picture) and your ability to ride a motorcycle.  Alcohol doesn’t mix well with motorcycles period.

Liquid courage can make you think you are superman and make you show off in front of your friends. You can end up on a Fail Blog somewhere or even worse seriously injured or dead.  I personally save my celebrating for after the riding is done and dusted for the day.

We don’t want to take away from the seriousness of drinking and motorcycles but the below videos just highlight exactly why alcohol and motorcycles don’t play well together.  Here is a collection of Drunks with Motorcycles.

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vespa maintenance

7 Ways to Save Money on your next Motorcycle Service

Most motorcycle shops are usually on the straight and narrow when it comes to servicing your motorcycle.  But from time to time you will encounter a dodgy dealer just wanting to separate you from your money as fast as possible.     Don’t hesitate to schedule your next motorcycle service with these 7 easy tips.

Here are 7 Ways to Save Money on your next Motorcycle Service

  1. Know your Motorcycle – Research some of the common replaceable parts on your motorcycle. The will prevent the dealer trying to sell you a replacement Flux Capacitor from Back to Future.  Don’t hesitate to consult Google on the spot of the particular part.
  2. Research your Motorcycle’s Service Intervals – This is probably one of the most important points.  Figure out when the service interval is.  15,000 Miles not 5,000 for example could save you an extra service.  Or how many miles before changing your timing chain will prevent you from spending a bucket load before the part is due to be replaced.
  3. Don’t make decisions on the spot – Many times dealers will try to convince/press you to change a part since the bike is already in the garage.  Take your time and research the issue, look online, or call another garage.  For example, your tires will go bad in 4000 Miles.  Should we change them now?
  4. Ask up front – Ask for the prices up front of the work they are going to perform.   Tell the mechanic what you want changed or checked on top of the service.  Ask for a rough quote of work to be performed.
  5. Keep your service manual updated – Take all the guess work out of when the last service was done or what parts were changed.
  6. Ask for the old parts – If a part is to be changed don’t hesitate to ask for the old part.  This will not only make the mechanic show you what was wrong with the old part it will also be more difficult to pass off work that was not performed.
  7. Know your bikes symptoms – If your bike is sick make sure you record all the symptoms of the problem making it easier for the mechanic to diagnose.  Also, do a little research online trolling motorcycle forums for other riders with similar problems.  Be sure to mention what other riders fixed the problem with.
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bikers at Korean dmz

Motorcycle Diaries North Korean Edition – Video

For the past decade, New Zealanders Joanne and Gareth Morgan have been living out their motorcycle dreams by traveling around the world on motorcycles alongside a few of their closest friends. They’ve traversed all seven continents on their bikes, with routes as varied as Venice, to Beijing, Florida to northern Alaska, and South Africa to London, just to name a few.  Is anyone else jealous?

The Morgans decided they wanted to ride the Baekdudaegan, a mountain range that stretches the length of North and South Korea’s shared peninsula with their Kawasaki KLR 650′s and Suzuki DRZ 650′s.  The Kawasaki KLR appears to be one of the favorites for mega Adventure rides(like Alaska to Argentina). It is believed that this is the first such trip through both Korea’s since the divide of Korea in 1945 which made negotiating the visas for the trip quite an adventure in itself.

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Erzberg Rodeo the Ultimate Enduro Race

erzberg rodeo iron mountainEnduro racing is turning more into an extreme sport at every turn and making the sport a lot more exciting to watch and participate.

Austria famous for the energy drink Red Bull and extreme sports takes Enduro racing to an entirely new level.  Enter the Erzberg Rodeo.  The 4 day event contains 2000 riders and multiple races that qualify riders for the main event the Red Bull Hare Scramble  Erzberg Rodeo.  The Hare Scramble is 1 Mountain 500 Riders and a 4 hour time limit.

erzberg rodeo crashThe race takes place in an old mine pit built into the side of a mountain nick named Iron Mountain.  One of the most technically challenging races in the world with huge climbs and extreme terrain makes the race almost impossible to complete.  The race is littered in broken motorcycles and riders at every turn.

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Nitro Powered Remote Controlled Motorcycle – Video

RC MotoGP BikeHow could this sport have eluded us for so long. This MotoGP Remote Control motorcycle series also known as the Nitro Class( gas powered remote controlled motorcycle) seems like a perfect way to battling with your friends head to head on the track.

As with other forms of RC racing we are sure that this series is just as competitive as the real deal.  We really got a kick out of the start line like old style motorcycle racing.  These 1:5 scale Nitro remote controlled motorcycle bike pack a ton of technology into such a small package.

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