How to increase motorcycle fuel economy.

With the forever changing prices in fuel prices (petrol for europeans) it is a good thing to consider money saving tips.  Most of the tips are based around maintenance of your motorcycle.  Here is a short list of tips and tricks to help save a couple bucks.

  • Use a good fuel additive. Injectors with excessive deposits have poor spray patterns that can cost you 2 to 15% in fuel economy.  BEWARE: there are a lot of lousy fuel additive products in ads and on store shelves that generate ridiculous sales profits but don’t do much for your motorcycle.  Find a good one that will clean your injectors, keep them clean.  If your motorcycle has a carburetor remove it and clean all the components are have a service center do this for you.
  • Keep a log of your mileage and fuel. One advantage is that you can monitor your fuel economy and driving habits. Not only can you learn the cost benefits of changing your driving style, but you can spot the poor fuel economy that is often a first-alert to maintenance issues.  In addition, as you make changes to improve fuel economy, you can measure the exact results (averaged over a few fill-ups for better accuracy).
  • Switch to synthetic oils: Use synthetic lubricants, yet it’s an EASY area to save a lot of money because it’s just replacing petroleum with high-performance synthetics.  By switching to synthetic you are creating less resistance in the motor and transmission.  All this means is less work the motor needs to do during normal operation.
  • Clean/Replace your air filter: As an engine which is starving for air due to a dirty air filter will work harder than normal.  This also will cause poor fuel economy.  Be sure to check the air filter often.
  • Keep your engine tuned up: A poorly running engine could mean it is running fat or lean which could cause the engine not to preform correctly.  Keeping the engine tuned and checked during servicing will prevent this.
  • Check tire pressure frequently: Tires that are under inflated will decrease fuel economy as it is increasing the contact area of the tire which adds more resistance.  Check your tire pressure frequently.  I recommend carrying a small tire gauge on your bike since most gas stations air hoses provide incorrect pressures when filling.
  • Put your motorcycle on a diet. Get rid of the extra weight on your motorcycle.  If you are not touring remove your saddle bags or hard bags (extra wind resistance and weight adds to more fuel consumption).