Kawasaki Apparently No Longer Quitting MotoGP?

80126595BL045_MOTOGP_OF_EST The press release from Kawasaki that was due on the fifth never came; in fact little more than a stony silence ever came from Kawasaki in the new year.

It’s rumored that some correspondence from Spain to Japan did happen, where it is further rumored that Dorna notified Kawasaki that in accordance with the contract that they signed (with Dorna when they joined MotoGP) that Kawasaki would be on the hook for something like 20 million Euros for each of the 2009-2011 seasons if they decided to drop out of MotoGP.

Also, an MSMA (Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers’ Association) meeting happened, but details from that are not known.

Reportedly, Dorna informed several of the parties involved today that Kawasaki is no longer dropping out of MotoGP and they will field a two-rider team in 2009. The management of the team seems to be up in the air, but indications are that there will be two green MotoGP bikes on the grid this season.

Source | Superbike Planet