Nicky Hayden says Riders Aids are getting out of control

Nicky Hayden Ducati Nicky Hayden spoke at the launch of Ducati’s 2009 MotoGP team at the annual Wroom ski event in Madonna di Campiglio, Hayden became the latest MotoGP rider to voice concerns about the growing influence of rider aids like traction control. Hayden said “if electronic rider aids continue to develop at such a rapid rate it will become ‘ridiculous’.” This season the single tire rule has been introduced but many riders and analyst predict that this is not enough to bring the series back to more lead swapping and last lap battles.

Since the recent exit of Team Kawasaki MotoGP needs to find ways to cut costs and improve the action of the race. Recently speculation around the web seems to think that making the MotoGP prototype bikes into production models will reduce manufactures costs. If the series leans towards this direction it will make for a hard distinction between World Superbike motorcycles and MotoGP.

Tell us your view on what the best situation will be for MotoGP. Reduce riders aids or make the bikes into production models? Let us know.

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