SV650 Project Bike: It’s All about the Nuts and Bolts, Replacement that is

Pro-BoltThe SV650 project bike is getting a little corrosion here and there.  So what better time to clean away the corrosion and put some new stuff on at the same time.  I decided is to replace a majority of the steel nuts and bolts on the SV650 with titanium replacements.  The titanium nuts and bolts reduce the weight over the stock ones up to 40%.  The new gear is also corrosion resistant.

You ask well 40% weight reduction of a nut or bolt is not so much.  Well when you start adding up how many nuts and bolts are on the SV650 the number adds up quickly. I chose to replace the nuts and bolts n the front brake discs, front and rear brake calipers, rear axle nut, rear sprocket, engine bolts, and the triple clamp yoke nut.

So do yourself a service and head over to to check out a nut and bolt kit for your motorcycle.  You can also pick between aluminum and titanium and any mix of colors.  So if you are looking to replace some rusty bolts or want to give your motorcycle a new look.  Consider a nut and bolt makeover.

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