Grace is the First Street Legal Electric Motorbike And it Even Looks Cool – Video

Grace electric motorbike Berlin based Grace is the first manufacture to create a street legal motorbike.  This is a revolutionary concept as it combines the best aspects of bicycles and motorcycles into one vehicle.  With an ultralight frame and state of the art design allows you to cruise though traffic at a silent, fast, whisper.

The Grace motorbike is built with safety in mind by not skimping on the bike’s parts list.  With CNC machined aluminum parts, state of the art 204 MM front brake discs, lithium-ion batteries hidden inside the frame, and much more.  The specification sheet looks exactly like a state of the art late model motorcycle not a electric motorbike.

The Li-ion battery powered bike can hit 45km/h (28mph), powered by a 1.3KW motor (this is actually limited by law — some hacking will get you up to 65km/h, or 40mph), and it will run for an average of 25 miles before needing a recharge in only 1 hour.

The Grace is extremely flexible design allows the rider to be able to load it on a train, bus, or airplane with no problems.  It has the ability to switch between urban, suburban, or greenbelt areas with ease.  Lighter than the competitors, more flexible than e-scooters, and looks by far the best compared to the rest.  Now you can rip down side streets, ride up the sidewalk, cut through parking lots, park anywhere, and produce zero emissions / zero noise while doing it.

The Grace, hand-built in Berlin, Germany will cost you €5877, or a few dollars short of $8,800.  Are you shocked?  Well with pretty much all German car or motorcycle manufactures you can expect the same but the build quality is excpetional.  That’s enough to buy a gas powered scooter and a bicycle combined, with money left for dinner tonight, although unlike a moped it will only cost $1.40 per 100 miles to run (20 to 40 cents per 100 kilometers).  Who said going green was cheap?  Let us know what you think of this latest green machine in our comment section below?

Frame models:
There are currently three frames available: Racing, Universal, City
All models are based on patent pending CNC aluminium diamond frame with fully integrated, protected battery pack and electronics.
Frames are highly resilient; components integration is certified IP67 waterproof.
Frames are fitted with trademark quality CNC design components, theft prevention devices, powder coated, and characterised by restrained and elegant design.

31 kg total systems weight
Energy consumption: 11.7 AH capacity, with 48V lithium ion battery pack
Charge time: 1 hour
Engine: 1,300 Watt electric, integrated in back wheel
Lights: fully integrated system
Maximum speed: 45 km/h
Range: 40 kilometres

Find more information here Grace Electric Motorbike

Grace Electric Motorbike Video