MotoGP: Ducati Team Experimenting with “Big Bang” Engine Configuration

Casey Stoner During the recent Valencia tests the last few days the Ducati Marlboro team has been experimenting with what is rumored to be a “Big Bang” engine configuration similar to the Yamaha engine.  The new engine configuration allows the rider to accelerate harder coming out of corners without as much traction issues as a normal engine would have.

Stoner commentend on the new engine configuration saying “The new engine setting, which I am preferring so far, changes the performance of the bike in different ways, for example in corner exit, so we have to modify the set-up in order to get the most out of it,” he explained.

“I also have to get used to it and adapt my riding style accordingly. It probably means I can’t get on the gas as hard and fast out of the corners but can keep it open more further in the corners.”

We have watched all season as the Yamaha’s have been up front almost every race this year so what does any good race team do?  Copy a working fast concept and make it your own.  We will see during the 2010 test in Malaysia if the engine configuration will be a permanent fixture or only a sample testing.

Stoner’s teammate Nicky Hayden also comments on the new engine configuration.  Hayden says  “We worked on confirming a few things today and I think we found what we were looking for. I like the changes we’ve introduced to the bike, the power delivery is definitely more progressive although we still need to find the ideal setting for it. I got my lap times down by a couple of tenths today, thanks to the new Bridgestone tyres, which are great. I’m happy – I think we’re on the right tracks and we have had three important days here that should help us make a lot of progress in the next test and close the gap to the front guys down even more. I want to thank the team because it is never easy after a such a demanding season and a long weekend to go testing for three days. So thanks to all my mechanics and to my brother Tommy for being here with me, and everybody working back at Ducati. I think we can all be proud of the progress we have made this season and look ahead to next year in really positive spirits.”

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