The Taurus Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle, WHAT??

Well exactly what we said when we heard a self-balancing electric motorcycle. What exacty is a self-balancing motorcycle and how does it work?  The Taurus is has similar concept like a Segway but the major difference is you ride the Taurus like you would a motorcycle rather than standing on the footplate as with the Segway.

Riding the Taurus you use your body weight and control your speed by leaning forwards and backwards and handlebars are used to control your direction.  I don’t know about you but this sounds like another disaster waiting to happen.  We have all seen the videos of big crashes by people on Segways as people that don’t understand the concept face plant within a few minutes.  Time will tell if the Taurus engineers can prove me wrong but for now I am not a believer.

Is this the 21st Century replacement of the Vespa?  Honestly, could you ride this thing to your club meeting or out and meetup with your friends?

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