MotoGP: Casey Stoner Calls Rossi’s Replacement a Joke and Slams MotoGP Starting Grid Size

Casey Stoner lashes out at MotoGP following the Assen race, slamming the grid sizes and calling Yamaha’s replacement for Rossi ‘a joke’.

The fiery Aussie known for speaking his mind has told reporters that Yamaha’s decision to replace the injured Rossi with Wataru Yoshikawa is ‘atrocious’. Stoner claims Yamaha should have ‘put anybody in that seat, but not a nobody’. Nicely put, Casey.

Ducati’s world champ went on to say that grid sizes in MotoGP are ‘a joke’.

Stoner’s fix? Make the manufacturers, including Suzuki, field more bikes.

Dorna are aiming for 22 bikes on the grid in 2011, but this isn’t enough according to Stoner, who went on to say: “They need more bikes on the grid. Suzuki need to be forced to put four bikes on the grid.They’ve got enough money, they’ve got enough chassis.

“It’s just ridiculous, it should be a minimum of four. I don’t understand why companies don’t put last year’s bikes out there like they used to. Put more bikes on the grid, make more opportunities for teams.

“I’m sure there’s a way they can sort it out to run last year’s bikes, then smaller teams can grab a hold. It’s always been like that for years, but now it just seems to have disappeared.”

Source | VisorDown

  • Gerrit Breet

    Absolutly right. If this goes on any longer a lot of viewers will switch to World Superbike. Which has a compatitive grid with a lot of different manufacturers. Also Dorna is screwing over viewers. In the netherlands we can see motoGP on the BBC but no 125cc and no Moto2