Top 7 Must Have Street Bike Mods

As cool as street bikes look, when you first roll them off the lot, they usually need a few enhancements from the factory layout.  Here are the top ten changes for any new bike before you go showing it off to your friends.  The following are the most common mods performed on new streetbikes.

1. Frame Sliders: Nobody plans on laying their bike over as they roll it out of the lot, but it happens all too often.  Frame sliders can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars by keeping the important parts of your bike safe.  I recently just repaired a bike that had been flipped backwards at thirty miles an hour, the parts were a thousand dollars total.  It would have easily been a $2500 fix if it weren’t for the $50 frame sliders.

2. Aftermarket Exhaust:  While motorcycle companies have the technology to produce a great sounding, and performance enhancing exhaust…they don’t put them on stock bikes.  When you get a new bike, the exhaust can increase power, looks, and especially sound.   Installing a new exhaust can be quick and easy if it is a slip-on, and can make a big difference.

3. Integrated Tail-lights:  In order to protect themselves, motorcycle companies sell street bikes with very dorky tail-lights.  Check out your local regulations first but integrated tail lights can make all the difference in how your bike looks.

4. Flush Mount Blinkers: The same issue found on the tail lights happens with the blinkers as well.  Flush mount blinkers can add to the sleak look of your new bike.  Again, check with your local regulations to make sure flush mount blinkers are allowed.

5. After Market Mirrors: Once your lights are all tucked in and sleek, switch out those mirrors to something more streamline. There are a lot of different aftermarket choices that can be easily installed.  A caveat for mirrors is that they are heavily regulated as well.  Might be a good idea to hang on to the stock mirrors just incase.

6.  Graphics: Some cool new graphics for your bike can go a long way, whether it be your last name on the swingarm, or some manufactured graphics for your shrouds.  Vinyl lettering can be a cool way to make your bike your own.

7. HID Lighting: HID lights for your bike can be far brighter than factory lighting.  if HID lighting kits are installed you can as much as 5 times the amount of light your bike puts out allowing yourself to be seen in the daylight as well.

Do you have another cool mod?  Let me know

  • pennswoodsed

    As most motorcycle/ car accidents have visibility components ,why would you advocate removing and integrating lighting ?

  • Jeff

    Instead of wasting money on all that, why not spend more time actually riding.

    Oh, by the way…how about a much better seat than stock?

  • sangrea1

    Only an inexperienced rider would question about a seat and lighting!!! wtf? really? all 7 of those ‘must haves’ have both safety and looks in mind. @Jeff – for you a seat with a dildo will probably work best @4291fcbdc2ec3b5f215b0c6cf9ab3d9d:disqus

    – HID lighting has MORE lumens than stock lighting which means in laymans terms, that you will be able to see greater distances (though some of the colors you really won’t notice much difference)

    Please people, try to comment with intelligence instead of just posting a comment just to post one. Thanks