BMW Motorcycle Gives Man 20 Month Long erection…and Sues

When I first heard about this story my imagination already started running a little strangely.  OK OK not perverted but hey if I had a brand new BMW S 1000 RR I would probably have a 20 month long erection as well.  But the story is not about a high performance BMW or not even an Adventure bike.  Rather the motorcycle in question is a 1983 BMW fitted with a Corbin Pacific seat.  No other details were given on the model.

So now 20 months later Henry Wolf is left with an erection that still has not gone away….Insert joke here —> _______.    Wolf  which resides in the Capitol of suing California has now filed a law suit against BMW and Corbin.  We don’t know if his case will “STAND-UP” in court but it is a rather interesting and funny complaint no less.  Wolf claims that the banana ribbed seat (Not for his pleasure but hers) caused his erection problems after a 4 hour ride.

Endless jokes aside which we really cannot resist.  The erection problem in which Mr. Wolf claims must be a one off as I know tons of riders and have never heard of such a case?  If you have let us know in the comment section below.

Source | Torque News