MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa has been caught cheating on Yachting exam, Questioned by Police

Yes, you read that correctly and today is the day after April Fools.  It appears Dani Pedrosa was taking an exam for a captain’s recreational yachting licence (we guess he is looking for a career change).  When all of a sudden the police barged into the testing center like a scene out of COPS.

Turns out about 21 students at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia had ear pieces to receive the answers for the exam said a government official.  That’s when the cops surprised the test takers during the exam.   2WheelTuesday understands that Pedrosa along with the 20 other cheaters were “Taken Downtown” for questioning by the police.

Pedrosa said “Mistakes can be ignored or learn from them, and I’ve learned from it. I publicly apologize to my fans and all those who trust me.  Now I’m looking forward. I’m a motorcycle rider, the world championship starts this weekend, and I want to focus solely and exclusively on Sunday’s race.  I have learnt a lesson from this mistake and wish to leave the issue behind right now and focus on a season that I face with a high motivation and enthusiasm.”

Dani Pedrosa will be at the first round of the 2012 MotoGP season in Qatar.  We wonder what else Pedrosa has been cheating on??

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