Scottish Six Days Trial Starts With a Tie

And yet another week of riding bikes through Scotland over the land where “no motorcycle has gone before”. Monday, 7th of May is the first day of the Scottish Six Days Trial, unarguably the greatest motorcycle trial in the world, as they say for themselves.

After the whole day of riding, the organizers have half-jokingly said that they had made it too easy this year. Five riders on top are sharing the first place having finished the course without any points. They say they will rectify this for the future. Top riders with no points?!? Having no points is a good thing in moto trials. The first provisional results are out. The first five are J Pascuet, R Sadler, J Dabill, A Wigg and D Lampkin. The rest of the list can be found here, on the official Scottish Six Days Trial web-site.