Sundeep’s Ducati Odyssey

Here’s a curious fact: the moment you buy a Ducati, you’re marked on the Ducati’s map – you become a Ducatista. You become a dot on their customers chart and in a way, you become a part of the world-wide family. But enough marketing gimmicks. The thing is, Ducati works a lot on organizing the Ducati Owners Clubs, the D.O.C.s, all around the world and it really works. Because of it, Ducati is not a motorcycle manufacturer – it’s a cult.

The main pilgrimage of the Ducatistas is the WDW, the World Ducati Week, held in Italy on the Misano race track. This year, one of the pilgrims has decided to document his voyage in association with the Ducati mothership. His name is Sundeep Gajjar and he’s a fotojournalist from India. His trip starts in Dubai and leads him through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and finally Italy. Along the way on his Multistrada 1200 he’ll be visiting local Ducati dealers and Ducati fan clubs and he’ll be also reporting of his adventures on his website. For starters, he made this video called Mission: Red Planet. It starts today.