The Enduro Battle from Sea to Sky 2012 – Full Video

136 riders from 20 countries gathered on the beaches of Kemer, Turkey to battle for glory at the Red Bull Sea to Sky enduro motocross race. The technical race starts at the beach and ascends through rough, wet, and steep terrain to an elevation of 2365m (7780 feet).  The higher the racers progressed up the mountain Olympus the more challenging the track becomes.  The organisers expect only 30% of the racers to actually finish the race.

The Olympus Mountain race will take you all the way from the beach through the forest up to mountain Olympus (Tahtali 2.365 m). You will have 6 hours to make it to the Red Bull arch at the finish line on the very top of the mountain.

From the start at the beach the race track leads into a wide, dry riverbed for 8 km. Easy and fast at the beginning it will challenge your riding skills towards the end when water and larger rocks add more excitement.

The river bed is followed by a section of about 40km of mostly single trails an
After passing the tree line at an altitude of approximately 1700m even the international top riders will face their limits – but still the vast majority of the rocky sections will be rideable.d wood working trails. Once again, the higher you get, the more difficult the track gets. Yes, you have to earn your Red Bull Sea to Sky bronze, silver or gold medal!

The race winner Jarvis Graham from the UK finished the insanely grueling race in 2 hours 16 minutes.  Watch the race recap below and find out more about this amazing race.

Sea to Sky 2012 FULL TV EPISODE

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