Dakar Rally 2013

MOTORSPORT / DAKAR 2012 - DAKAR FINISH #4The Dakar Rally 2013 is dangerously near, but unfortunately not as near as the previous editions used to be this time of the year. A long, long time ago, even before the time the first iPhone was created, the Rally used to be called Paris Dakar and the two words in the title actually meant something – the starting and the finishing points. The Paris Dakar Rally used to start on the New Year’s Day and ran for two weeks across European and African countries. Nowadays none of the traditions is still with us. The Rally is called Dakar but it runs through South American countries. This year it starts in Peru, runs through Argentina and ends in Chile. And just to top it all, this year starts on 5th of January. Apparently, raiders need some time to sober up after the New Year’s celebration. Anyway, just to bring back the taste of the original adventure, back from its beginnings, here’s an hour and a half report from a Rally of almost three decades ago. On the side note, try noticing the details on race vehicles. It is interesting to see how the equipment grew in both the size and quantity. Enjoy!

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