The Grudge between Rossi vs Stoner continues

rossi-stoner-clashThe Rossi vs Stoner grudge continues even into retirement for Casey Stoner.  We thought we heard the last from Casey Stoner when he signed off from MotoGP after the last race of the 2012 season.

Well it appears Stoner couldn’t resist a jab Rossi through during an interview with Dainese about Rossi’s hunger for Victory.  Rossi said “Stoner started to hate me just because he lost. After that, he always seemed to talk about the past, this race, because he wasn’t man enough to understand that at that time, he lost!”

Even in Soner’s retirement fishing somewhere in the Outback of Australia he found time to hit back at Rossi on Twitter.

I proposed back to Casey Stoner on Twitter that he should do a Wild Card at Phillip Island to settle the score.  What do you guys think?  Come back Casey!!

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