The Way to Le Touquet – Part 1

holshot001Antoine Meo is the star of this KTM promotional video titled The way to Le Touquet – Part 1. The Le Touquet? – you ask. Well it’s the craziest motocross race out there, of course. But why? – you ask again, I hear you. Well because it is being held in the biggest sandbox ever and the race itself looks like it is not about who wins it, but rather who survives it. But who could come up with a crazy idea like that? – you ask again. Well Thierry Sabine, of course, the man who started the Dakar rally too.

The biggest rooster tails of sand you’ve ever seen, the sandiest sand sandwiches you’ve ever tasted, the deepest tire grooves you’ve ever ran into – it’s all there. Antoine Meo says his bike survived the race, and so did he– only just. He’s a bit smarter now. This is how he prepares for the next one.

Photo: www.enduropaledutouquet.fr

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