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An Aussie Bob Patterson Invented Motorcycle Drifting in 1976 – Video

Motorcycle DriftingWhen someone thinks of motorcycle drifting you think of the crazy trick riders we see all over YouTube.  Well where does motorcycle drifting originate from?  Well we stumbled across a video where Australian Bob Patterson claims to have invented motorcycle drifting way back in 1976 when most of us were still young pups or not even born yet.

After watching the video it is actually remarkable that some of the stunts he is doing are still in practice today.  Watch as Bob drifts with his Honda 750 which in comparison to todays machines must have taken a lot more skill to achieve the same results since present day machines have more horsepower, brakes, suspension, etc.  I would love to see some of the present day stunt riders try to use one of these Honda Old timers performing the same stunts.

Blast to the past and we love it.

Motorcycle Drifting circa 1976

One thought on “An Aussie Bob Patterson Invented Motorcycle Drifting in 1976 – Video”

  1. Hi Brian,
    T first thanks for sharing this awesome video.It is really very hard to do drifting like that.It works on his braking style & think need lot of practice….

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