Riding through the Alps

Riding the Alps of Switzerland

Riding through the AlpsSwitzerland is an amazing country period.  The beautiful Alps, people, culture, and of course the roads that lead you around this great country.  Riding a motorcycle in the Alps is a bucket item list for many people including myself.  Now I live in central Switzerland at the base of the Alps out my back door.

Riding in the Alps in Switzerland is unlike any other riding I have experienced.    The roads are narrow with sharp hairpin corners twisting and turning over steep mountain passes.  Occasionally you ride through an Alpine village with Swiss cows out in the pastures with big bells around their necks which you can actually here ringing while riding by.

One of my favorite rides is called the Klausen Pass which is just a short ride from where I live.  It is extremely fun, technical, and at times absolutely beautiful.  The ride has a ton of different options to begin and end but the pass is the best part.

Klausen Pass Ride

This is one of the best things about Switzerland in comparison to other countries I have ridden.  Switzerland has hundreds of these type of mountain pass roads that I have yet to explore.  But I cannot wait until I do.    The down side of Switzerland from a motorcycle standpoint is that most mountain passes are closed between October and May due to all the snow.

The Alps is the only place I have experienced where I spend more time on the sidewalls of my tire than the center part of the the tire and I love it.  It is not a race track nor it should be but more of a full riding experience.  I’ve met a ton of people while riding the Alps and the impression from everyone is that they can never get enough of riding in the Alps.

Interested in riding in Switzerland and the Alps?  Get in contact with me on my Contact page and I will be happy to give you some tips.

Check out some of the pictures I took while riding around Switzerland this summer.

One thought on “Riding the Alps of Switzerland”

  1. Hello Brain,
    Indeed Switzerland is on of the best places to drive your bike. I did cover quite some passes and lakes during my traineeschip and sime holidays. Most favourites are Furka Grimsel pass. Too bad the drive from NL is so far and therefore ending up in Germany. Not so extreme altitudes as Swis but for the travel distance a n acceptble altenativebut for sure no replcement.
    Still jalous 1st you had the racetrack Zandvoort in yourbackyard and now the Alps. Not to mention the nice Multistrada Duc.
    Keep it safe on 2 wheels.

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