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Moto2: Andrea Iannone Dominates in Assen as he Gaps the Field Again

38 Riders make up the starting grid in perfect weather conditions in Assen.  Assen is a track famous for racing for 80 years and this track has tons of racing history and will be the maiden outing for the Moto2 class.  The stands are packed and everyone is ready to go racing for the first time in Assen.

Thomas Luthi moved up to the front row since Alex Debon brke his collarbone and will not be racing today.  Debon heads back home to have surgery in hopes to be ready for Barcelona.  The chatter in the grid is to make sure Andrea Iannone doesn’t get away from the pack like in Mugello.

The lights go out and we watch the 38 rider field as it is piles into turn one.  The Thai rider Wilairot comes out of turn one first but Andrea Iannone takes it right back.  Toni Elias is on a mission to keep up with Iannone.  Andrea Iannone is already getting away from the pack as the field finishes lap one.

The battle for second place is working against the riders as they are slowing each other down as Iannone continues to gap the field.  Tomizawa is sizing Wilairot up as he is obviously faster and wants to try and close the gap to the front.  The very fast Assen circuit makes it extremely difficult to pass.

Some exciting racing as from 2nd back to 10th is all within reach and battling for some entertaining racing.  Andrea Iannone continues to be the fastest rider on the track as Toni Elias is running faster times now than he did during his qualifying run.  Let’s see if Elias can reel in Iannone of a gap of 3.5 seconds.

Tonie Elias and Wilairot are battling fiercly for second position as they trade positions back and forth.  Both riders are pushing extremely hard.  With 10 laps to go Elias crosses the line first.  Meanwhile Tom Luthi is taking full advantage of the battle for second as he continues to close the gap.

Iannone is making no mistakes and riding a solid race as he is dominating the race thus far.

Five laps to go and Thomas Luthi has just set his best lap of the race as he catches the back of Wilairot and Elias.  Luthi chose medium compound tires while Elias and and Wilairot chose soft.  Are the tires becoming an issue and Luthi chose the better setup?  With 4 laps to go the 3 riders are now stacked on top of each other.  Luthi is looking for a chance to slip by the two riders as he is sizing them up.

Andrea Iannone dominates the entire race and takes the checkered flag from Pole to Flag.  This is his second victory in the Moto2 class.  Toni Elias takes a solid second place as Thomas Luthi and Ratthapark Wilairot battle the last lap and a half changing position several times with Luthi finally taking the final podium spot.

2010 Assen Moto2 Results

1. Andrea Iannone
2. Toni Elias
3. Thomas Luthi
4. Ratthapark Wilairot
5. Shoya Tomizawa
6. Julian Simon
7. Jules Cluzel
8. Mike Di Meglo
9. Karel Abraham
10. Yuki Takahasi
11. Scott Redding
12. Simone Corsi
13 Gabor Talmacsi
14. Mattia Pasini
15. Yonny Henandez
16. Alex Baldolni
17. Claudio Corti
18. Stefan Bradl
20. Alex De Angelis