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Just Don’t Let the Boss See You!

There was a computer game with a name that I forgot long time ago. It was the simplest game in the world. It had a motorcycle, a rider, a few apples and a flower. There was a short course to be conquered, with apples along the course that needed to be collected. At the end of the course, there was a flower that also needed to be run over with your dirt bike. Only, the course was not a straight line, of course. Oh no, it was the most challenging piece of terrain ever to be conceived in a human’s mind, with big slopes, jumps, peaks, holes… with everything! And the best part of it was that it was timed. You were timed on every course and it turned everybody on our dorm floor into fierce dirt bike riders, shaving off hundredths of seconds off of each other’s times. It was the best game in the world!

Some ten years later, here I am, in almost completely the same situation. Because of the bad weather the winter brings along with her, riding a motorcycle is becoming a death wish. But, riding a motorcycle out of your armchair or the office chair is completely harmless, of course, providing your boss doesn’t catch you.

Thanks to the amazing evolution of the internet and technologies that come along, little motorcycling games are now dime a dozen. They are everywhere and they range from the utterly crappy ones all the way to the amazingly addictive and fun ones. We’re bringing you a few of the best ones out there to enjoy while the boss is not looking.

Moto Tomb Racer – an obvious Tomb Raider themed game and very amusing to play. The go is to ride through the obstacles and collect treasure. Very similar to the Moto Trial Fest series.

Moto Trial Fest (the series) – Moto Trial Fest is a very fun game that lets you control a rider on his trial bike. The attention to detail in this game is amazing. The physics of the bike and the rider are very nicely simulated, the bikes suspension is nicely animated also. The sound of the two-stroke engine is really quality stuff and that is a rare in this sort of games. Even the tires dent when hitting obstacles. In short – superb. The only problem with the game is that it is too easy and it is fairly easy to reach the last level. But, to save it all, there are a few sequels that are a great deal harder to master. There’s the Moto Trial Fest 2, then there’s also an extension named the Mountain Pack, and the Desert Pack.

FMX Team – puts you in a Travis Pastrana environment and lets you do the MX stunt magic. The sound is good, and the graphics too. It’s not too easy or too hard so it will keep you playing for ages.

Park the Bike – the name says it all. Maneuver your bike through the parking lot and park it. Very fun, but nerve wrecking.

Diesel and Death – racing against your friend on a motorcycle …and trying killing him in the process.

3D Motorbike Racing – forget aerodynamics setup, suspension setup, or anything else for that matter. This is the old school racing game. Only now you don’t get to insert coins to play.

Mini Moto – a very fun racing game with mini machines. The downside is that the sound is almost completely unbearable.

And that wraps it up. Motorcycling stuff for those in a need for a motorcycling fix. And if the boss drops in unexpectedly, remember: Alt + Tab.