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2012 Isle of Man TT Video Highlights

If you are “blessed” with living somewhere outside of the UK, your only source of information during the TT was probably the Manx Radio TT. Those lucky Brits have it a bit different – forty-five minute TV coverages hosted by former racers, behind-the-scenes insights, the works. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you can now enjoy the TT the British way.

Isle of Man TT: The First Two Races Are Behind Us

The first two races of the 2012 Isle of Man were held on Saturday, June 2nd and, as always with the Man TT, they were a treat. The first bunch to hit the roads of the Isle were the superbikes of the Dainese Superbike TT. Right of the start, John McGuinness led the way with Cameron Donald and Guy Martin following closely behind. Donald managed to snatch the lead for a brief moment at the end of the first lap, but, as McGuinness will later admit, only because McGuinness took it a bit cautiously during the first lap. The order would remain until the end of the race when Martin, unable to change the rear tire because of the wheel spindle malfunction, fell behind Bruce Anstey and finished fourth. The victory went to John McGuinness who made it his eighteenth Man TT triumph, the second went to Donald and third, of course, to Anstey. It was a 1-2-3 for the Hondas with Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and BMW managing to grab only by one spot each in the top ten – really explains why one of the Honda’s teams bears the name TT Legends.
During the first lap, John McGuinness’ teammate Simon Andrews crashed pretty severely and was rushed to hospital with a cracked shoulder, a broken wrist and a broken ankle. Also, one other victim of TT crashes was Tyco Suzuki’s Conor Cummins who decided to withdraw from racing for the time being, obviously saving himself for the grand event of the TT week – the Senior TT superbike race.
For the Monday’s racing, the Monster Supersport Race 1 and the Royal London 360 Superstock race, the starting grid looks almost identical. The first one to start will be John McGuinness, followed by Ryan Farquhar, Guy Martin, Cameron Donald, Bruce Anstey, Ian Hutchinson and Gary Johnson.
The races have been delayed because of the road traffic accident that happened while the roads were open for public, but the Monday’s racing should not be cancelled. Lots of voices name Ryan Farquhar as the favorite, but…

Guy Martin stays with TAS Suzuki for 2012

The up-and-coming road racing superstar, Guy Martin, has signed to stay with the TAS Suzuki team of Northern Ireland for the following 2012 road racing season. The go is obvious: conquering the Masada of road racing, the Isle of Man TT. Being the only road race of the three major races he couldn’t manage to win, the North West 200 and the Ulster GP trophies are already resting on his trophy shelves, Guy hopes to put things right this year. In spite of his thirteen podium finishes during his TT career, four of which he pocketed last year, Martin just couldn’t go past the TT legend John McGuinness on his way to victory. He finished the Senior class race on second, behind McGuinness.

The love between Martin and the GSXRs seems to be of a lasting sort, because, as Guy said: “It’s taken a while, but it was always on the cards. I’m happy to be back with the team for a second year and I love the new Tyco Suzuki colors. Great job.”

John McGuinness has a total of seventeen Man TT victories, four more than Martin’s overall road racing podium count. During the last year’s event Guy came closest so far to winning it, but McGuinness thought he should wait for a bit more. After everything Guy has been through on the Man TT course, this year he just might win because: “…it’s time to go out and bloody win one.”



New Isle of Man TT Film in 3D

Isle of Man TT, a famous road racing event held on a small island near Britain’s mainland has been featured in many films so far, but never in a way Richard De Aragues, the director of the film, is going to depict it. This whole new production is named TT3D: Closer to the Edge, and it will be released, first in cinemas in Britain, early this spring, as a perfect prelude to the 2011 TT races. This documentary is unlike any other before it because of the usage of 3D technique, but also many othe innovative filming methods.

The film follows several riders interviewing them before, after, and sometimes even during racing. The main character is a very popular rider Guy Martin, whose story is closely followed. Because of his reckless style of riding, preparing, even speaking, he’s built himself a fairly large group of admirers all over the world. During the filming, Guy had a terrible, high speed crash, resulting in his visit to the hospital and also in race being suspended. But, no more teasers. We’ll just have to wait and see this 3D wonder by ourselves.

Just to try and bring you closer to the Man TT racing experience, here’s a picture of Guy’s motorcycle after the 2010 crash, and also a few onboard videos of Guy blasting through the narrow roads of the Isle. Oh, and yes, thats Guy machinegun-talking us through the track

GUY MARTIN TT Isle of Man Lap on-board Honda 1000 – 1 of 2

GUY MARTIN TT Isle of Man Lap on-board Honda 1000 – 2 of 2