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Cool Workshops – Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

It’s always nice seeing a man, a woman, or whoever, tucked away in a little cozy workshop, wearing some old oily clothes. Surrounded by their, often weird, machines that they create, restore, or just collect, they make you wish for a workshop of your own, with your own motorcycles spread around. One such workshop is Liberty Vintage Motorcycles in Philadelphia.
Adam Cramer is the owner of Liberty Vintage Motorcycles, a small workshop in Philadelphia mainly oriented towards restoring vintage motorcycles. It doesn’t matter if you bring in a Harley Davidson, a Triumph or a Honda, Adam is going to find a way for you to leave his workshop happy. Surrounded by his many old motorcycles, he may seem like a bit of an odd person, but Adam explains it in a very simple way – he likes motorcycles. In one moment it may seem to him that there are too many motorcycles in his possession, but then, the next moment it may seem that there are too few.
– I don’t have any money, He says, But if I got some money, I’d buy another motorcycle.
This short film is made by filmmaker Andrew David Watson. Enjoy!