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MotoGP: Loris Capirossi announces retirement plans

Loris Capirossi is saying goodbye to the motorcycling world. The Italian wanted to make the announcement at Misano, the home Grand Prix for the rider from the Bologna area. After 22 years of traveling around the world, the MotoGP veteran—winner of three world championships (two in the 125cc class, one in 250cc)—thanked the Pramac Racing Team in during a press conference for having given him the opportunity to race his final season aboard a Ducati Desmosedici.

Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing Team Rider

“It’s an important moment in my career, and the decision I made has come about after a lot of reflection. I’m happy that after 25 years, of which 22 were in the world championship, I’m at a point where I can still have a smile on my lips as I part ways, even if it’s difficult to think that I won’t be riding a bike next year. I must think the many, many people who over the years have followed me, encouraged me, motivated me. That includes Team Pramac, who gave me my final opportunity to race a motorcycle. I’m sorry that I haven’t brought home good results this year, but I’m confident for the final part of the championship. Motegi, Phillip Island, and Sepang are my favorite tracks, and I’ve won many races there. It will be difficult to get my hundredth podium, but I’ll fight to the end. As for my future, I still don’t have clear ideas. The only sure thing is that I won’t be a racer anymore. In life, it’s not easy to make these decisions, especially after so many years. Still, I’m sure that my new life will be thrilling, just like the one before it was.”

MotoGP: Capirossi and De Puniet Launch 2011 Pramac Ducati Team

Loris Capirossi and Randy de Puniet unveiled their new Pramac Ducati GP11 satellite that will take part in the MotoGP World Championship 2011. Pramac receives a new sponsor for 2011 which is the famous cruise ship company MSC.  The riders of the Pramac Racing Team arrived at the port of Genoa aboard two Ducati (Hypermotard and Monster) branded Pramac, with which they performed at the side of the vessel MSC Fantasia before boarding.
The press conference was also attended by Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Corse, and Federico Maccotta, Lombardy Area Manager of MSC Cruises.
MSC Fantasia, which together with her sister ship MSC Splendida, is the largest ship ever commissioned by a European ship owner. The ship – a masterpiece of Italian style with the perfect mix of high technology, elegance and exclusive services – has a very nice in every detail and is equipped with swimming pools, bars, restaurants, areas for relaxation and fun, a large health club and for those who want luxury and privacy without sacrificing the benefits that offer large cruise ship, the exclusive VIP area MSC Yacht Club.
The tenth season in MotoGP for Pramac has officially started!

Paolo Campinoti – Pramac Racing Team Principal:
“MotoGP for Pramac means adrenaline, passion and fun. For ten years we are part of this world and we aim to stay here for many years. We’re still a young and want to grow year after year to improve both in terms of results and in terms of services for our partners. For the season that is about to begin, we focused on top class riders like Loris Capirossi and Randy de Puniet. We are sure that thanks to their talent we will have many opportunities to celebrate at the best our first ten years in MotoGP. We know that fighting with the official teams will be very tough: our minimum goal for this season is to become the first satellite team in the standings. Next year, with the return to 1000cc, will be a new adventure for everyone and we will see what will happen. If this change will bring us to attend events such as the new Moto2 last year, then it will be fun for everyone. Our philosophy of Green Energy Team continues and even become stronger. Next year we will have a completely new hospitality structure with big news: it will, in fact, be powered by solar panels and a wind turbine. Of course all made by Pramac.”

Claudio Domenicali – CEO Ducati Corse
“Our relationship with the Pramac Pramac Racing has been very good since the early years. We are very comfortable with Paolo Campinoti and its structure, and we hope to continue this project for many years. The Pramac Racing is indeed a satellite team, but given the relationship we have enjoyed over the years we try to give more and more support to them. Surely we consider the Pramac Racing Team part of our family, some of our best engineers are working within their structure and so it will be in the future. The return to 1000cc will be a great adventure for us and as always we will give it all to ensure that our Ducati, including those in the Pramac Racing Team, will be among the best bikes.”

Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing rider
“I spent five seasons with Ducati, to return three years later to it’s for me like coming back to my family. For me to run with the Pramac Racing Team means the certainty of being able to get good results. I have not reflected a moment when I was asked to return to Ducati. In a few days we will be back on track in better shape for the second session of testing at Sepang. We surely need to improve in some aspects but we were happy after the first winter test. For example, I found some difficulty in braking and the riding during corners, but the simple fact that we have improved our lap times constantly it means that we are on the right direction. Then with Randy on the team will be much easier. Between us there is great harmony. It ‘s the perfect companion to this adventure in Ducati. My story in MotoGP is not over yet. I think I can give so much more to this category, regardless of the new rules. ”

Randy De Puniet – Pramac Racing rider
“I am happy with this new adventure in Ducati. I am back ‘Italian’ again, as in the past I have already ridden an Italian bike. I really enjoyed riding with my Ducati, even if sometimes it is still a bit hard to control, especially when cornering. Last year, despite the bad leg injury, I have achieved good results. Now the most important thing for me is knowing that the leg has not given me any problems and in these first tests I was able to push hard. The goal is certainly to be repeated this season. With my work and my engineers we are confident that this goal is easily attainable. Already in a few days we will face a new test in Sepang and I am sure that we can already improve our results.”

Federico Maccotta, MSC Crociere Area Manager (Lombardy)
“The official presentation of the Pramac Racing Team with his new riders and the new Ducati jewel it seemed like a good opportunity to remind all of us the value of teamwork as an ideal method to achieve its objectives. MSC Fantasia, which is recognized by all as one of the most beautiful ships in the world, with its 1,400 crew members who work every day as a team to meet the needs of the 4,000 guests on board is therefore the ideal location for such an event. See the Ducati GP11 Sat and its riders on board of one of our ships is certainly an exciting. From MSC Cruises a big ‘good luck’ to Loris, Randy and all the Pramac Racing Team.”

MotoGP: Loris Capirossi Moves to Pramac Ducati for 2011 Season

Another Italian rider will enter in Pramac Racing Team’s history next season. Loris Capirossi with which the Ducati satellite Team has just concluded an agreement that will see him wear the white-green of the Italian Team. A great experienced rider to celebrate, next year, the ten years of Pramac’s involve in the two wheels World. Loris will have the chance to ride again the Ducati 800cc that was able to develop in the 2007, when the rider ended the World Championship in the seventh position. The season that will end in two weeks with Valencia’s Grand Prix, was not the best season for the Pramac Racing Team and thanks to the arrival of the 125cc and 250cc World Champion the hope is that next year the Italian Team will conquer good results. Loris is considered one of the icon of the MotoGP World Championship in which he has regularly taken part from more than twenty years: he has the record of Grand Prix, until today he have raced 313 Gran Prix. In his long career, the Italian rider has won 29 Grand Prix and had conquer 99 podiums and three World Championship, two in the 125 cc class, in which he holds the record of youngest rider to conquer a World Championship, and one in the 250 cc category.

Paolo Campinoti – Pramac Racing Team Principal

“We are very pleased to have closed an agreement with one of the most experienced riders and one of the most titled of the current MotoGP World Championship. The deal between us was very simple because Pramac Racing Team, and him, always aim to try to fight for important results. We do not need to talk about Loris, we all know him, we know his value and we are sure that thanks to his quality, we’ll have fun next year on all the tracks, taking also some satisfaction. With Loris we will celebrate our tenth anniversary in the World Championship and this is a real honor for us. We know that Loris had conquer in his career 99 podiums and we hope to achieve together the triple digits. I would like to thank our partners who have welcomed our choice and we hope that Loris’s and Pramac Racing Team fans will follow us with passion during next season. ”

Loris Capirossi

“This return on a Ducati bike make me feel like a child. I do not feel my 37 years! I have a great desire to start this new adventure, I’m enormously pleased about this new agreement that was reached with the Pramac Racing Team, this will allow me to ride and be part of an Italian Team. I would like to thank the Team Principal of the Pramac Racing Team, Paolo Campinoti, for giving me this great opportunity and for the confidence placed in me. I’ll find again the Ducati, with whom I had very good results over the past years and that I was able to develop in the 2007, this is an unique sensation for me. I thank Suzuki for the years we spent together and thanks also to the excellent relationship maintained with them, they had give me the possibility to race with my new Team since Valencia’s test of next month.”


2010 – MotoGP – not finished yet
2009 – MotoGP – 9th
2008 – MotoGP – 10th
2007 – MotoGP – 7th
2006 – MotoGP – 3rd
2005 – MotoGP – 6th
2004 – MotoGP – 9th
2003 – MotoGP – 4th
2002 – MotoGP – 8th
2001 – 500cc – 3rd
2000 – 500cc – 7th
1999 – 250cc – 3rd
1998 – 250cc – 1st
1997 – 250cc – 6th
1996 – 500cc – 10th
1995 – 500cc – 6th
1994 – 250cc – 3rd
1993 – 250cc – 2nd
1992 – 250cc – 12th
1991 – 125cc – 1st
1990 – 125cc – 1st

MotoGP: Despite Injuries Loris Capirossi will ride in Portugal

Loris Capirossi and the Rizla Suzuki MotoGP team have had quite a rough season.  The last three fly away races were also difficult for the team as Loris Capirossi suffered fractures in his right foot in Malaysia on top of the groin injury sustained in Australia.  So to say the least the one week break after the Asia/Aussie trip was well deserved for Capirossi.

Capirossi said “It was disappointing to find out I had got some small fractures in my foot, but it won’t stop me riding, because I was ok in Australia and it didn’t cause me too many problems there – in fact it is easier to ride the bike than it is to walk! I have had some intensive treatment on the thigh muscle and that is also a lot better. I can’t wait to get back on my bike and give the guys something back for all their patience and hard-work over the season, especially after the tough three-week tour we had on the other side of the world which gave us nothing but pain and bike damage. Suzuki and the team have always been good to me and I want to show them that I am here to do my best and compete with the best riders.”

The old veteran just proves he is tough as nails and nothing will keep him off his bike.  Hats off to the courage and determination of Capirossi for fighting on despite the lack of results all season.

Cameron Donald hit 202 MPH While Doing a Isle of Man “Parade Lap” Onboard the Rizla Suzuki MotoGP Bike

Rizla Suzuki, Loris Capirossi and Cameron Donald helped bring the 2010 Isle of Man TT races to a memorable finish this year as the Rizla Suzuki MotoGP team came to town to celebrate Suzuki’s 50th anniversary of International racing.

Capirossi and the Suzuki GSV-R800 were both making their maiden visits to the Island and Capirossi arrived on Wednesday to experience the amazing Isle of Man atmosphere before riding the 37.73 mile (60.72km) course on Friday morning.

Capirossi led away the Suzuki anniversary parade on a Rizla Suzuki GSX-R1000 for his first ever lap of the TT course, ably guided by ex TT racer and TV commentator Steve Parrish. Capirossi made a steady lap of the island and delighted spectators by pulling wheelies and waving to the packed vantage points as he made his way around the famous circuit.

After the final race of the week concluded, Suzuki signed-off the 2010 racing fortnight with the first ever lap of the TT course by a modern-day four-stroke MotoGP machine. Relentless Suzuki by TAS TT racer Cameron Donald rode the GSV-R for a single lap of the course and, despite in his own words “taking it easy”, Donald still managed to set the fastest top speed of the event down the Sulby straight at a fraction under 202mph (325 km/h).

Capirossi and team-mate Álvaro Bautista will next be in action on Sunday 20th June, when the Rizla Suzuki team returns to the UK for its home Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Loris Capirossi:

“This place is incredible! I’ve seen the TV footage before, but nothing prepares you for the TT course. The surface is much bumpier than I imagined and when you see the speeds that these guys run at, it is simply amazing. I said before that I think these guys are crazy – and I still think that – but when you ride the circuit you realise that it’s really exciting and you know why they come here to race. I had a great time here – it’s a fantastic event that you could never replicate anywhere else in the world and I am sure I will come back again!”

Cameron Donald:

“Man – that was just amazing! I thought the bike would be really difficult and twitchy to ride, but it was great. I was expecting to ride a steady lap, but it was so nice to ride that I was able to get a great rhythm going and pick up a fast pace. In fact, it was so good; I reckon we need to get some regulation changes for next year as this thing with a few more laps on it would really fly. I’m serious – with just a little more running you’d smash the lap record on this bike, it’s just so fast and stable. I hope the spectators enjoyed it as well! Thanks to all the guys at Rizla Suzuki for giving me this opportunity, I’m still buzzing!”

Video of the Suzuki GSVR Doing High Speed Pass at Isle of Man TT