Beautiful woman causes motorcycle crash – Video


With tons of distractions to pull your eyes off the road a beautiful woman has to be top of the list.  Watch as this rider rubber necks to watch the girl walking down the road.  The riders rubber necking causes him to veer off the road right into a parked car.  Ouch!  Double whammy as he wrecks […]

What happens when you’re inexperienced and grab a fist full of brakes going into turn 1, THIS – Video


During a recent track day at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama the unexpected happend.  The beginner group session 1 just got underway on the second lap when a novice rider grabbed a fist full of brakes going into Turn 1 at the end of the straight.  As you can imagine a novice grabbing that much brake […]

Scooter + Merry-Go-Round always end in disaster – Video


I have seen and done a lot of stupid things in my day.  But this video takes the cake.  The video is in German but you can fully understand the level of stupidity about to take place.  Watch as these youngsters run a merry-go-round with the rear wheel of a scooter.  The rest is fail […]

Loading a Harley into a Big Moving Truck Fail – Video


Loading a motorcycle is never an easy task.  But riding a motorcycle up a ramp should be the very last choice especially if you have a bunch of help nearby.  This video has multiple fails from the amount of people standing around, the old timers sitting on the lawn chairs ready to watch a disaster […]

McDonalds Motorcycle Delivery Wheelie Fail – Video

Mcdonalds McDelivery Motorcycle

I never even knew McDonalds delivered for starters.  I am not sure if this is the fail or the guy wrecking the motorcycle.  This Mickey’D’s employee tries to impress his fellow co-workers by wheeling with a box full of Big Macs on the back of his scooter while….never mind let me just stop and let […]