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Motorcycle Versus Newly Painted Road Lines – Video

This hurts me more than it hurts you watching as this motorcycle rider gets caught out by a newly painted center road divider line.  This line is not only new but has some water running across the road.  So now we have set the scene of the video of basically elephant snot running across the road lets set the scenario.

This is a perfect example video of how road conditions play a huge factor in our 2 wheel lives.  We as riders constantly have to adapt our riding behavior based on road conditions.  Watch as this particular rider not chooses the worst riding line ever in this corner but he also rides over the center line at the apex of the corner.  We won’t blame the entire crash on the riders shoulders but at least 75% since a better line would have most probably would have saved the crash.  Now on the other hand if the painted line was not a new and wet this to could have saved the crash.

In conclusion, read the road conditions and adjust your riding accordingly.  Obviously this must not have been the first portion of the road where you see brand new lines and we are sure the road was wet in other corners as well.  Lesson learned by this rider we are sure that this is a YES oh yeah and mark this as a motorcycle fail as well.  Now you the reader learn from his mistakes and save some skin and money by not crashing in the same circumstance.

CBR 600 Lowside Crash




Motorcycle Fail: Scooter Guy tries to Flat Track his Scooter With Crocs on – Video

I don’t really know how to go about describing this crash?!  This guy on his Honda Elite wearing Croc shoes crashes in a corner.  The funny thing about the video is he sticks his foot out like he is trying to flat track his scooter through the corner and then dumps it into the guardrail.  This has to be a Motorcycle Fail favorite.  Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Scooter Crashes Into Guardrail on Mulholland

Motorcycle Fail: Amateur Drag Racer Fails 3 Times in One Race

I am not sure how it is possible to fail three times in one drag race.  Well this amateur drag racer managers to start off by running the red light which is really easy to do.  Next, the racer must have a ton of horsepower as the motorcycle tries to wheelie down the entire strip eventually coming all the way over at the finish line.  Finally, after the guy crashes it looks like a garage sale his street shoes flying off and then his helmet comes off because it probably wasn’t strapped on.

I give a huge fail to the race organizers for allowing this guy to race without proper gear.  This guy is extremely luck he didn’t hit the wall or been going a lot faster because he would have had road rash like crazy.  Let us know what you think of this video and the lack of safety gear in the comment section below.

Amateur Drag Racer Fails 3 Times in One Pass

Motorcycle Fail: Guy Out Powers his Honda NX-250 Around a Corner then off the Road- Video

Well what can I say than we are glad this guy is only riding a 250. If you watch him closely he actually almost loses it in the apex of the corner. We know these Honda NX-250’s are hard to handle with a asphalt ripping 26 horsepower.

If we look closely at the video when he scares himself in the apex he actually focuses on the side of the road exactly where the bike went.  So to avoid making the same mistake be sure to look though the corner where you want to go.