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Getting rid of the evidence – removing the bug corpses

You’d almost feel like one of the GoodFellas after reading this title, right? After all, we both have the same problem – How to stay clean after having some good time.

A big problem for most of motorcycle riders is a layer of dead bugs that builds up on every frontal surface. This bug buildup depends on how well your motorcycle wind protection is. The better the fairings are at their job, the less bug cadavers you’ll have to scrape off of your helmet and suit. It is easy to conclude then, that riders who will look the most like an all-you-can-eat insectivore buffet are the ones that ride naked motorcycles, such as Ducati Monster. Since there probably aren’t many motorcycle riders out there that have extensive knowledge in leather upkeeping, it becomes a problem to clean that very expensive leather gear. What is the best way to remove that extra protein layer of your body?

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