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Marley Africa Roadtrip

For all those people that, at some point in their lives, got an urge to watch a couple of people with dreadlocks, riding big Ducati Multistradas through Africa, running away from angry giraffes (yes, angry giraffes do exist), playing reggae music and watching football, the wait is finally over. Three sons of Bob Marley, one of the greatest music legends in the history of the world, have decided to go on a road trip through Africa in remembrance to the famous visit to Africa their father went on thirty years ago. The trip took place during the summer of 2010, during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
Ziggy Marley, an accomplished musician, fulfilled his father’s dream of performing in South Africa, along with his two brothers, Rohan and Robbie.
The crew behind this amazing project is the same one that made possible Ewan McGregor’s Long Way series, led by the director David Alexanian of Elixir Films. Marley Africa Roadtrip started airing on the Discovery World in accordance to the air times announced on the Marley Africa Roadtrip webpage.