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SBK: BMW World Superbike Riders Troy and Ruben are ready for Misano

Corser in MonzaTeam BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus are happy to be back on European soil and looking forward to the eighth round of the Superbike World Championship at Misano circuit this coming weekend. After a tough couple of flyaways, the team have been able to get the bikes back to their workshops for the first time since the Monza race and analyse all the data and feedback they received.

For Troy, the gap between the USA round and now has given him a chance to find out what has been troubling his right shoulder during the Salt Lake City race weekend. He found out that his shoulder had been partially dislocated in the horror crash in Monza and that’s why he had problems with it every time he went out on the track. Since the discovery, Troy has been on an intensive  programme of physiotherapy and his condition is now improving.

Neither he nor Ruben are under any illusions about the task ahead and their continuing work, but both are keen to work on developing the S 1000 RR and getting back to good points scoring finishes. Both have good memories of Misano, with Ruben’s win last year the most recent, and both will be fighting for top ten finishes this weekend.

Well, I won a race in MIsano last year and of course it would be great to do that again, but this bike is new and we have a lot of work to do to put it on the podium this weekend. That’s not to say, it’s impossible, but the important thing is that we are improving the bike every time we go out on the track and as long as we are doing that, then my feeling is very positive. The bike has a lot of potential and it will not be that long before Troy, I and the team can show it.

It’s good I found out that there was a problem with my shoulder because I had the feeling something was wrong – especially as I couldn’t lift my right arm above my shoulder! I’m not sure if it was fully dislocated or what, but I do know that it wasn’t in the right place. When the doc started manipulating it, he told me that putting it back in the right place might be a painful, and he was right! But after that, we started working on massages and physio and it began to get better.

It’s been good for the team to get the bikes back to the workshops and look at all the info from South Africa and USA. I am sure they will have some ideas about which direction we should take at Misano and I think we will start  improving again and the results will follow.

Berti Hauser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director)
Being back in Europe has given us a chance to do a lot of work and get back to how we were before the long flyaway trip. It’s also been good that Troy has found out what his problem is and good that the right steps are being taken to improve his condition because we need both our riders to be strong.

Even though Kyalami and Miller were not so good, in results terms, the great spirit of our team means that we want to fight hard and achieve the best results possible. We are all feeling very positive about Misano and looking forward to it.

SBK: BMW Superbike Team Dealing with Setup Problems at Monza

Troy Corser
Troy Corser

Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders Ruben Xaus and Troy Corser ended the first day of qualifying with the 14th and 15th fastest times, but are only a second or so away from the provisional pole setter. Ruben and Troy tested at Monza a month ago and began today by using the set-ups they found then, but their bikes did not work as well or in same way. So once again today was all about working with different set-ups, trying different ideas and finding the right direction for tomorrow. Italian Michel Fabrizio (Ducati) led the charge today, with a lap of 1:45.447, three tenths of a second ahead of Tom Sykes (Yamaha). Third is Noriyuki Haga (Ducati), with Jonathan Rea (Honda) fourth.

Ruben – 14th, 1:46.545
I have raced here many times and on many different bikes and I can tell you that this track has secrets. It is a track where you have to be good on the brakes and the bike has to be stable on braking as well. If you have that, then you can get a good drive exiting the turns and that can means you can make good lap times. At the moment, we haven’t got the bike working the best way and so to finish just a second slower then the fastest rider is pretty good I think.

Troy – 15th, 1:46.565
Maybe we got a little confused today because we started with the same set-up we found when we here a month or so ago, and the bike felt completely different. We made some fairly big changes to the bike from the first to the second sessions today, but the bike felt the same. For me, the track feels as if it has more grip then when we tested here. After qualifying, I sat with the team and we analysed all the data and I feel sure we know what we have to do for tomorrow and that we will definitely improve.

Berti Hauser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director)
This was a tough day for Ruben and Troy and it seems that we couldn’t work with the set-up we found in the tests. Both riders experienced some problems, but both have given the team a lot of feedback and information to improve the bike tomorrow. I am hopeful that the ideas will work out to be in the right direction and Ruben and Troy can end the day ready for the race on Sunday.

SBK: BMW Looking Forward to the Fast Track Monza

The fifth round of this year’s Superbike World Championship takes place at the historic Autodromo di Monza and both BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus are looking forward to tackling the 5.793 kilometre circuit.
It is one of the few circuits in this year’s calendar where the team have tested already and so, for once, they will be not be starting at a big disadvantage. Monza is renowned for its high speed straights and close finishes and last year’s first race saw the top four separated by just 0.771 at the flag. Race two’s top three were covered by 0.051, with the winner taking the chequered flag by only 0.009 of a second!

At least we have tested at Monza this year, so we will not be trying to play catch-up as much as we have to do normally. Monza has some fast straights and is a track where slipstreaming can play an important part. It’s possible to be in fourth place exiting the Ascari chicane on the last lap and still win if you can take advantage of the draft. But, before we even get to that stage, we have to be in a good qualifying situation. Superpole has not worked out well for us so far and considering that, I think we’ve done well to get the top tens we have. I hope that we can qualify better at Monza and get even better results.

Each time out we learn something new about the bike and get ideas about what to do to make it better. The other teams have a big history compared to us and so I feel we have done very well so far. But that doesn’t mean that we all don’t want more, because of course we do. Our top tens are very good, but Troy and I are racers and we are always want to higher finishes. If we can get a good set-up early on (and I can get rid of my ‘black Fridays’), and do well in Superpole, then we might have a better chance of good results.

Berti Hauser (Director BMW Motorrad Motorsport)
Monza will be interesting for sure, but at least we have been there before. Even so, the experience we gained in our two day test is relatively small compared to our competitors and so we need to do well in practice and qualifying. Superpole has been a problem for us so far and we haven’t been able to get the bike to perform consistently well enough on qualifying tyres in Q1 and Q2. It would be good to get into Q1 and not have to start from the back of the grid for a change. If we could do that, it would be very interesting to see what would happen.

WSBK: BMW Riders Happy with Three Top 10 Finishes in Qatar

qatar-raceBMW Motorrad Motorsport riders Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus rode superbly in both the two 18-lap races in Doha today and earned themselves three top ten placings! Troy finished ninth in both races and Ruben took 13th in race one and followed that with a hard-fought for tenth in race two. Today’s tremendous results were all the more spectacular considering that Ruben and Troy had started the races from the fourth row of the grid after a problems in Superpole yesterday.
But almost more special than the top ten finishes was the sight of Troy in fourth place after two laps of race two! The Aussie had blasted off the line superbly from 16th on the grid and stunned everybody by crossing the line in fifth place at the end of lap one. By lap two he had stormed into fourth – a position he held until lap four. Although he ended the race in ninth, his spell in fourth place made up for all the disappointment the past two days and gives Troy, Ruben and the whole team a tremendous boost before the next race in three week’s time.

Troy – Race 1: 9th, Race 2: 9th
After practice and qualifying, we were a bit disappointed about our prospects of any good results from the fourth row of the grid. Overnight we found a solution to our top speed problem and that gave me a slim chance today. In race two, I made one of the best starts of my life, saw a gap and just went for it! It felt great to be up front with the race leaders and although I knew it wouldn’t last, it was great while it happened. At the moment, we are about half a second down on bike and chassis set-up and if we could cut that gap we’d be competitive for sure. It certainly doesn’t help starting from row four and, at Qatar, that probably means you lose seven or so seconds on the first lap and you have to spend the rest of the race playing catch up. To get two top tens today is certainly more than I was expecting before the season started and shows that the bike has real potential. After three weeks or so away, we’ll now be able to return to our workshops, analyse all the info and get the work started for the next round.

Ruben – Race 1: 13th, Race 2: 10th
I’m really happy with the races today and although there’s lots of work to do, I think Troy and I did a great job. I’m very happy with race two, because I ended nearly nine seconds closer to the front then in race one. On my sighting lap for race two, I thought it might be better to go longer on the rear sprocket. I knew that it would be a problem on the start, but it was a risk I wanted to take. And it wasn’t a good start, but I soon got into a good rhythm. My biggest surprise was seeing that Troy was fourth! I was jealous because I wanted to be there! I just kept pushing hard and I managed to catch Troy towards the end of the race. I thought about trying to pass him, but thought ‘Ruben don’t do anything stupid’, so I stayed behind. Then Haslam overtook me two laps from the end and pushed me out of the top ten, but I said ‘No, no, no!’ and made sure I got past him before the finish so that Troy and I could both be in the top ten.

Berti Hauser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director)
The most important thing this weekend is that we have learnt a lot, but I must also say that the results today make me more than happy. Troy did an amazing job in both races and the great work between the two riders helped us get both in the top ten in race two. Considering that our team is still learning, I think this is a great achievement this early in the championship and I’d like to thank them and riders for all the hard work here and at Phillip Island. Friday was ‘Black Friday’ for us, but today our results mean we can all leave Qatar happy.

Challenges in Front of BMW Motorrad Motorsport in Qatar

troy-and-rubenTeam BMW Motorrad Motorsport head to the Losail circuit in Qatar knowing that it will be harder to get another superb top ten position than it was in the opening round of the championship in Phillip Island, Australia. In Phillip Island the team benefited from a two-day test prior to the event, but their first chance of seeing the Losail racetrack will be the first practice session on Thursday morning. The circuit in Qatar will be just the first of many tracks about which the team have no data or information from previous seasons and their task will be that much harder than that of the competitors. The first two sessions will be vital for the Troy, Ruben and the team, but hopefully the experience of the riders will help the technicians do their work smartly and provide a good platform for raceday.

Getting an eighth in Phillip Island was a fantastic result and gave us all great hope for the season. But now we are going to a track and we have no data about if for our bike and that is going to be a big disadvantage. The race weekend in Phillip Island was real eye-opener for our team and things happened during the three days that don’t happen in tests, so the team gained a lot of experience. We all have to build on that but all the guys are very committed and are working hard to push this project forward as quickly as possible. Qatar will be an interesting test for us all, but we’re going to give it 100% and see what happens.

I think that Phillip Island showed that our team is going to be competitor – and sooner rather than later. If I hadn’t had two or three collisions in race one, I am sure I would’ve had a much better result and probably been able to challenge for a top ten place. But at least, I stayed on the bike and I’m happy because Troy got a great result in the first race and we managed to finish both races. Qatar is going to be harder because our bike will be racing there for the first time and so we don’t have any data or telemetry to work from. We all have to be at 100% right from the start and push all the way to end, but this is a great team and who knows what may happen?