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Ryan Suchanek worlds fastes Ice wheelie

Fastest Motorcycle Wheelie on ICE recorded by Guinness World Records – Video

Doing wheelies on the on asphalt is so yesterday.  Stunt riders are always looking to push the envelope creating the next  craziest stunt.  American Ryan Suchanek modified a Kawasaki ZX6R with snow studs to improve traction on the ice for the stunt.

Ryan achieved  a 152.89 kmh (95 mph) wheelie onboard his Kawasaki ZX6R.  That was enough the land Ryan in the Gunness World Record books.  The record was set (USA) on the frozen Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin, USA on 5 February 2011.

The speed guns used on site gave a rough readout for Ryan and his team but we measured the Record by timing his run over 100m to ensure accuracy.

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John Ryan and his Yamaha FJR

Yamaha FJR Rider John Ryan Breaks Record For Traversing North America

Rome, Georgia: On minute Zero, John Ryan was in Prudhoe Bay, on the North Shore of Alaska. 5,191 minutes later, Ryan was in Key West, Florida, having traversed the entire North American Continent, the long way, on his 2005 Yamaha FJR 1300, outfitted with Metzler Z6 Interact sport-touring tires. And with those 5,191 minutes, or, if you prefer, 86 hours and 31 minutes, Ryan totally destroyed the existing time record for this trip, of 96:01, by a clean 9.5 hours!

The adventure began before the adventure began when Ryan ran into a blizzard on the Dalton Highway north of Fairbanks, while trying to get to the starting point for his continental crossing. The snow forced him to return to Fairbanks and try again a few days later. Then, when he was finally able to reach Prudhoe Bay and began his trip, Ryan cut a tire on the sharp rocks of the 400-mile long gravel Dalton Highway, repaired it, and continued to Fairbanks for a replacement. Beginning all over again on try number two, (or is this try number three?) a rock punctured Ryan’s oil pan 26 miles from where he was to start his journey, forcing him to stop in Prudhoe Bay for repairs. Local mechanics, used to working on heavy machinery, welded his cases,
fabricated a case guard, and Ryan returned to the start, ready to set the clock and begin his adventure without further interruption.

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The Buell 1125R Sets a World Record 148mph on Ice! – Video

Buell motorcycles sent extreme rider Craig Jones to Lake Dellen in Sweden to see how fast a motorbike could go on ice. With a small window of opportunity and against the elements including extreme temperatures of -10C, Jones took a specially customized nitrous-injected Buell 1125R and set a world first for the fastest bike on ice.

With extreme riding conditions comes the need for extreme equipment, and the bike used for the attempt boasted some mammoth modifications. Complete with nitrous oxide injection providing an estimated extra 50bhp, the white Buell 1125R reached top speed on a 1.1km run. The tyres were specially adapted with protruding spikes (20mm on rear and 15mm on front) designed to increase grip on the perilous surface.

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Zero X Electric Motocross Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles to Set World Record With 24 Hour All-Electric Vehicle Endurance Race

Zero Motorcycles will make history again the weekend of April 4-5, when they host their 24 Hours of Electricross. The event will be the first international endurance competition for off-road all-electric vehicles and is a landmark moment in the electric vehicle industry. Teams from around the world have signed on to be a part of making history and for a chance to be included in the Guinness World Records.

“This event is pulling together an incredibly diverse group of people from around the world. Everyone from lifelong motorcyclists to environmentally-conscience trend setters are fielding teams. Some are traveling thousands of miles at their own expense for this opportunity to make motorcycle history,” said Neal Saiki, inventor and founder, Zero Motorcycles.

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