Drone Crashes into Motocross Rider – Video

Drone Crashes
Drone Cashes

We all know that drones are flying everywhere overhead now. Drones are actually making some pretty cool videos by following motorcycles in chase scenes or overhead. However,  I’ve never worried about a drone strike or a drone crashing into me. Well.. until now. Drone Crashes are now a reality.

The hobby drone industry has grown just as fast as the Action Cameras we attached to our helmets and motorcycles. However, drones unlike action cameras are moving objects that can and will crash. Drone crashes seem to be rising by the day even with several compilation videos.

Since drones require no license or training to fly. Just consider all Drone pilots a bunch of f*king amateurs (Big Lebowski quote).

I guess it was bound the happen. So not only do motorcycle riders need to keep an eye on every corner of the road we now need to keep an eye on the skies as well.

Drone Cashes into Motocross Bike mid air

Guy Martin vs Michael Dunlop Isle of Man Onboard Video

Isle of Man is synonymous for speed. We mere mortals or spectators often wonder what it would be like to ride at these speeds around a place like Isle of Man. Legend Road Racers Guy Martin vs Michael Dunlop go head to head quite often but we never get to witness the work and craziness that occurs in such a race.

The advancement of action camera technology has made this much more available for couch surfers like you and me. Now we actually ride the motorcycle with Guy Martin instead of viewing from the side or above. This video is absolutely amazing and terrifying at the same time.

What surprised me the most in this video besides the pure speed at which these riders are traveling but also the lack of rolling off the gas when the bike gets out of shape. Guy Martin and Michael Dunlop ride the heck out of these bikes and it is definitely a pleasure to participate and watch. This video not only proves these guys earn their pay checks but also about how technical Isle of Man actually is.

If your anything  like me about halfway through the video I started catching myself look through the corners and starting to lean.

GUY MARTIN vs MICHAEL DUNLOP @ 200mph! On Bike POV Lap! Isle of Man TT

Casey Stoner to Replace Dani Pedrosa at Austin GP

Casey Stoner is to replace Dani Pedrosa at the Austin MotoGP round. Pedrosa is suffering from major Arm Pump since last season and was hoping that Qatar everything would be better. After the Qatar round Pedrosa announced that he cannot continue racing in his current condition.

MotoMatters wrote a great article describing in detail Dani Pedrosa’s arm pump issue. This is a common issue among motorcycle racers. Unfortunately for Dani Pedrosa, his treatment is not going to plan and is hindering his performance.  It is only after a few laps that the

Since Casey Stoner is still on the payroll of HRC Honda it is a logical transition for the World Champ to fill in for Pedrosa until a suitable replacement is found. He is the only available rider that can compete and instantly become part of the “Aliens” once again.

Casey Stoner has also recently signed up to take part in the 8 Hours of Suzuka.  He has also been very active in testing fro HRC in the pre-season. Honda has also indicated that Casey Stoner is still running very competitive lap times during his last test.

Who would like to see Marc Marquez and Casey Stoner battle it out? I sure would.

Well we will have to wait a little longer as today is April Fools!!

How to sell your Motorcycle

It comes a time over the course of owning a motorcycle that you will need to sell your motorcycle. If you organise yourself well ahead of time it will make the entire process much easier. We will cover all the topics needed to help you sell your motorcycle.

Should you sell your Motorcycle to a Dealer or Privately?

Before embarking on your journey to sell your motorcycle you need to first decide to sell privately (Online for example) or to a dealer.

When selling to a dealer the process more likely will be much faster and easier. However the drawback to this connivence is the dealer will also offer you less money than selling it privately as the dealer has to resell the bike for a profit to make their money back.

Selling to a private person will require more effort however you should expect a higher amount of money from the sale if you play your cards right.

Getting organised

The first thing that you need to do in order to sell your motorcycle is get organised. What do we mean by this? Find the following information and put it all in one folder. This makes it easy to find things when filling out paperwork later on.

Gather the following information and put it in a folder:

  • The Motorcycle ownership title
  • All service records that you have for your motorcycle including the service book.
  • Create a list of aftermarket parts you have installed and gather any receipts you may have for these parts.
  • Owners Manuals and Spare Keys
  • Emission control certificates
  • Motor Vehicle certificate of the last check by your local authorities.


One of the most important aspects to sell your motorcycle online is good pictures. Sometimes the difference between your bike getting sold or not is a clear picture.

Take pictures of your motorcycle in a well lit area preferably in sunshine if your so lucky. Frame the complete motorcycle in the picture and try to avoid any distractions behind the motorcycle the the entire focus is your motorcycle.

What should you take pictures of:

  • Left side
  • Right side
  • Front
  • Rear
  • Any custom parts like exhaust, carbon fiber, etc
  • Instrument Panel while the bike is turned on so you can see the mileage/kilometres
  • Any additional parts that you will include in the sale (Original Parts, Locks, Bike covers, etc)

Create an Online Advertisement

I’ve sold quite a lot of things online and much of the credit goes to research and well written advertisements. I always search online selling portals for similar make, model, and year motorcycle to get an idea on what you can sell your motorcycle for. Also call your local dealers to see what they would buy it for just so you have a complete idea of the market price. You can also search google for sites offering motorcycle valuation in your are like Kelly Blue Book in the US (Use 89109 for Zip code for people outside the US. This is Las Vegas).

Next, start reviewing successful advertisements from other motorcycles and take notes on why they are successful? Is it a well written headline, price, or the first picture? Either way don’t be ashamed to copy others success with your advertisement.

Funny Motorcycle for sale ad
Funny Motorcycle for sale ad


The hardest choice in the entire process is deciding a price. I always start higher than others in my category as this gives me room to negotiate down to the price I’m willing to accept. Decide on a price and don’t sway from it. Be firm and stick to your guns. If you have a nice bike people will pay the price.

Meet the Potential Buyers

So after you publish your Online Advertisement calls and emails should start rolling in. Once you get someone interested enough to visit for a test ride be ready.

Once the potential buyer wants to test ride your bike you have entered money zone of the negotiations. Most potential buyers will buy your bike if they do a test ride. However, before they go on that test ride be sure to get a picture of their drivers license in case of an accident or a dispute.

Once the potential buyer makes you an offer keep to your guns on the price you set before. If you negotiate down be sure to have an idea of the lowest price your willing to take. Show the buyer the additional parts, paperwork, etc which adds additional value during negotiations.

Done Deal

So you have sealed the deal. Most online portals have a way to print a contract that contains all the information from your motorcycle. If not create one and print 2 copies. Fill in the Buyer/Seller information, deal price, parts included, Make/Model/Year, and any additional details that are included in the deal.  Buyer and Seller sign, money is exchanged and you are now one motorcycle less in your garage.

Explain all the controls

Before the buyer rides off into the sunset I always ask if they would like a quick run down of all the controls, how to access all the dashboard menus, where the tool kit is, etc. It is a nice final touch and one last way to give your motorcycle a last once over before saying goodbye.

Good luck and we wish you success to sell your motorcycle.