Indonesian Motorcycles

World Motorcycle Series – Bali, Indonesia

We are starting a new series covering motorcycle cultures from around the world.  The goal of this series is to shed light on how the rest of the world rides, maintains, and races their motorcycles.  Would you like your country covered in the series?  Contact us and tell us more.

We start the first part of the series in Bali, Indonesia.  Having just visited this beautiful part of Indonesia last month it is hard not to notice the sheer number of scooters and motorcycles on the road.  Motorcycles in Indonesia are not just used for leisure but also as a necessity as many people use them as a sole means of transportation.

Driving around Bali it is hard not to notice motorcycle repair shops everywhere.  The range of repair shops differs greatly from modern new shops with showrooms full of Ducati’s and Harley’s to guys working on the sidewalk repairing scooters that stop by.

The riders very from kids revving the heck out of their souped up bikes showing off in front of their friends to commuters wearing traditional Balinese dress heading to a religious ceremony.  You also noticed a large number of surfers riding around with surf boards strapped to the side of the scooter.  Totally tubular bro!

The next thing you notice is the makeshift gas stations all over the island.  These stands are usually just a couple of wooden shelves full with Absolut Vodka bottles which contain exactly one litre of gasoline.  My first thought was wow molotov cocktail ready for any occasion.  But upon further thinking they are very innovative and efficient as riders don’t even have to leave the road to get gas.

Motorcycle racing in Bali is very limited and expensive.  I talked to several people who told me most of the racing is done on the roads which is crazy as the congestion is insane. Although where their is a will people always find a way.

If you ever visit Bali I would highly recommend renting a scooter or motorcycle so you can tour the island.  Bali has beautiful rice terraces and volcanos to visit.  You cannot visit  without having some excellent Balinese food as well.


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